Who’s Paying the Price for Your Pain? 

Let’s face it; pain comes with a hefty price tag. Bearing the weight of unresolved issues will eventually take a toll on the people, places, and things that matter most in our life. 

When we avoid the truth about our pain, we sharpen the weapon for destruction. People that we love become casualties in an internal war that we can never win with guilt, shame, and self-destructive patterns. When we press snooze on our restoration, we drag our loved ones down an emotional gravel road that causes so many bumps and bruises people feel forced to get off the road and travel different pathways with people who won’t continually test their loyalty to the struggle. 



Your family, spouse, children, and friends are just a small sample of people in your sphere of influence that feels the fire every time you avoid confronting matters of the heart. Consider how your finances, your body, and your overall well-being have been impacted. Because where there is constant pain, there is no peace. And the more you meditate on the hurt, the more you delay your healing.

Regardless of your age, socioeconomic status or background, we’re asking you to consider who is paying the price for your pain. Then ask yourself if it’s worth losing the value of the people, the time, the moments, and the life that you give away every time you drag yourself down that gravel road. 

If you can own your part in your healing, you can begin to see the hurts roll away. You have the power to move forward with a fresh mindset as a whole being and the common denominator to your success, but you’ve got to do the work. Being here, at the Red Table, is a massive step in the right direction. Now, let’s continue the journey together.


Who’s paying the price for your pain? SHARE your truth in the comments below.

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