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So many of us have been conditioned to place everyone else first in our lives.

As women, we’ve been taught to consider having a husband before buying a home or considering how our co-workers will feel if we get promoted first, or even normalizing our ambitions so that our friends don’t think we’ve gotten brand new.

As mothers, we lay our bodies on the line for our children and many of us spend the rest of our motherhood laying our life on the line and setting our passion to the side because we’ve been conditioned to believe that the best moms are the ones who consider their kids first. 

But what would happen in our lives if we shifted our perspective and prioritized ourselves first?

There’s nothing wrong with loving the people in our lives and wanting to give them the best we have to offer. But the best we have to offer is a sense of self-actualization that affirms who we are and what we deserve.

You matter, and your life will reflect that once you decide to prioritize your well being: mind, body, and spirit. 

Before you go any further, ask yourself a few empowering questions:

  1. How can I better prioritize my well-being?
  2. What does self-actualization look like for me?
  3. What are some of the resources that I can use to practice putting myself first?
You matter, and your life will reflect that once you decide to prioritize your well being: mind, body and spirit.
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Answering those questions will expand your capacity to see what your life can look like with a vision for higher living and true happiness. As Paul Ferrini states, “Unless you are happy now, you will never find happiness. So if you are not happy now, stop trying to find happiness in the future and bring your attention to the present moment. That is where your happiness is.”

It’s a new day, one where we get to set the terms for our success and well being.

With options to work from anywhere in the world, create modern families, parent heart happy children, start the business of our dreams and more, we can frame our lives around what is important to us. When we do that, we’re more passionate, more present, and more powerful than ever.

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