Healing from Infidelity and Narcissistic Abuse w/ Kiersten Hathcock

Kiersten Hathcock was struggling to make ends meet with her husband when she decided to go into the design industry to help pay the bills. Her expanding business led Kiersten into taking trips away from her family, which led to meeting another man who wanted to work with her. This friendship turned into an affair, and ultimately, a narcissistically abusive relationship. Listen to this episode to hear how her marriage and career deteriorated, only to be brought back together in some shocking turn of events.

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To most who know her, Kiersten Hathcock is a former TV marketing exec and TEDx speaker turned Shark Tank-winning, self-taught carpenter & furniture designer who built an internationally-known kids’ furniture company out of her LA garage. Behind the scenes; however, Kiersten privately struggled to survive and heal from childhood sexual abuse and narcissistic abuse all while grappling with newfound mediumship abilities that led her to pen her debut memoir, LITTLE VOICES. She also co-founded a nonprofit with retired NYPD Detective Mark Pucci that helps crime victims and their families. Kiersten lives with her husband and kids in Phoenix, AZ.

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