Running for Narcissistic Abuse Awareness w/ Vanessa Reiser

Vanessa Reiser was love bombed by her narcissistic ex in such an extravagant manner–like being showered with expensive gifts, to expensive cars, to a $150,000 engagement ring, and travels across the world. She didn’t have time to breathe, much less clock in the red flags happening left and right. Vanessa is a therapist and works hard today to raise awareness to narcissistic spousal abuse, and started a movement by running 285 miles across the state of New York to raise awareness to their cause. Listen and learn how Vanessa was able to come up for air, evaluate and understand her situation and how she separated herself from the man that first swept her off her feet.

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Vanessa Reiser is a mother, entrepreneur, life coach, advocate, and a ground breaking psychotherapist specializing in narcissistic abuse using Therapist Self-Disclosure (TSD); a form of therapy where therapist statements are shared that reveal something personal about the therapist, when an opportunity to create validation exists. Vanessa is licensed in NY, NJ, MA & FL and made international headlines when she ran the entire state of New York in a wedding dress to raise awareness for narcissistic abuse in May 2021. Her days are spent supporting those traumatized by this insidious form of domestic violence.


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