Secrets of a Narcissist w/ Betrayal Podcast hosts Jenifer Faison and Andrea Gunning Pt. 2

Jenifer Faison and Andrea Gunning of Betrayal Podcast continue to share their story in part 2 of their episode. Dr. Ramani, Jenifer and Andrea dive deeper into how Jen dealt with Spencer’s lovers. While it is common for victims of infidelity to blame both parties, Jenifer explains what she thinks about Spencer’s relationships with teenagers vs. adult women, and how he didn’t seem like a villain – at first. They wrap the episode speaking on their thoughts on love, and whether after an experience like this there still can be hope for future relationships.

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Jenifer Faison  

Jenifer Faison is the host of the podcast Betrayal, which shot up to number one and remained there for several weeks in the US and beyond. In addition to podcasting, Jen is an Emmy nominated television producer, with credits such as Judge Judy and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and most recently Netflix Instant Dream Home. After building her career in LA for 17 years, Jenifer now resides in Acworth, GA with her cat, California Berry.  

Andrea Gunning 

Andrea Gunning is Glass Entertainment Group’s Head of Podcast Development and Production. She recently added “talent” to her responsibilities as co-host of Apple’s number one podcast, Betrayal. Previous to podcast life, “Dre” as she’s called by friends and colleagues, was a television executive based in Philadelphia. Her passions include her family, fitness and summers at the Jersey shore. 


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