Surviving Dirty John w/ Debra Newell Pt. 1

Debra Newell became nationally known when the LA Times and Deadline covered her volatile relationship with John Meehan, also known as Dirty John. Debra discusses how she met John, the list of past narcissistic/abusive relationships she’s had and how her unawareness of red flags and love bombing made her a vulnerable target. Listen to part 1 of 2 episodes of Debra’s story; and learn about the steps she took to get out of the relationship safely, while protecting her own family.

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Debra Newell is an interior designer based in Orange County, California. She’s the founder of Ambrosia Interior Design and is a self-made multimillionaire. As a little girl, she was always sick, so she’d spend her time drawing and designing houses. She grew up in a loving family; and although her previous marriages ended in divorce, she was close with her four children. She continues to build her interior design empire today; while spreading the word about domestic abuse and how to look out for red flags. She doesn’t believe in victim shaming; so she wrote a book about her experience with her narcissistic, abusive fifth husband, John Meehan. She and her daughter Terra, use their experience to share with those who may be going through the same struggles.


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