Survivor Squad: Collier Landry’s Story w/ Terra Newell – Part 2

Collier Landry was only twelve years old when he testified against his father in court for the murder of his mother. Collier’s narcissist father’s crimes led him to prison and left his own son abandoned. This episode goes into detail about how Collier grew up without parents, becoming a filmmaker and the documentary that brought light into why his father committed murder. Since then, Collier has shed light on his story in order to help other victims in similar situations have a voice. Listen to part 2 to learn about Collier and fellow survivor Terra Newell’s story.

Collier is the creator and subject of the Discovery+ documentary A Murder in Mansfield.   He is the host of the Moving Past Murder podcast, and upcoming podcast Survivor Squad with co-host Terra Newell (Dirty John).

As a formally trained musician and photographer, Collier Landry segued into filmmaking to creatively express his own traumatic childhood story – witnessing the murder of his mother Noreen by his narcissist father, Dr. John F. Boyle – and to give a narrative voice to others in similar circumstances.

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