Can You Remember Your First Heartbreak?

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Every person we will ever meet is broken-hearted.

And something happens early on, where somebody breaks our confidence and love and kindness.

And for me, my first heartbreak was from my father at 7-years old. And then many people and circumstances, on top of that, disappointed me and broke my heart. It wasn’t until I developed a really strong relationship with the higher power that my brokenness and my heartbreak could heal. But it also made me realize that people don’t break my heart.

It’s my false belief around love and my unrealistic expectations of people that break my heart. 

I believed that the people in my life were there to catch my fall. 

I thought that I deserved the best from people, even when I didn’t believe the best about them. 

I thought that carrying my hurt proved my strength, but instead, it sheltered my unforgiveness. 

I thought that with age came wisdom, so I expected the adults in my life to be elders. But at 7, I learned otherwise when my father didn’t have the knowledge he needed to parent, nor the wisdom I needed as his daughter.

Carrying false beliefs and unrealistic expectations make us heavy.

It’s burdensome to hold the weight of high hopes when we are broken-hearted. And it’s unfair for us to impose the load of our broken hearts on people who are just as wounded in their own way. Physically, we lose control of our eating, our thinking, and our being. The pain becomes unbearable; and, with time, we see as much physical decay as emotional decay.

Picture of Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith

Developing a strong relationship with the higher power gave me access to that higher power. And that higher power set me, my father, and everyone else that was locked into my unforgiveness FREE. I am a much lighter, happier, healthier, Jada now because I learned to let go.

I read this excellent book called Love Without Conditions, for any of you that are interested. It’s a wonderful book. It put me on a beautiful path. 

My hope for my RTT family is that we let go of the dead weight and challenge those emotions that have been stored up. Having a different kind of conversation includes the ones that we have with ourselves being more significant than the ones that we have with others. Then we can experience healing and wholeness after the heartbreak.

Question for the table:

Can you remember your first heartbreak?

How did it shape your life? SHARE your truth in the comments below.

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