There’s something magnificent that takes place when one of us heals.

Healing can take place in many different forms, such as the courage to love yourself, the power to stand up for your wholeness, or the pursuit of freedom to live as you desire. 

When one of us heals, the world heals, as we are all woven together in a beautifully crafted quilt of love. 

With the will to seek love, there comes redemption, and I’ve personally seen my life restored once I devoted my time and my journey towards loving the person that was created to share life and times with people such as yourself.

My greatest hope for us all is that we find that self-love within because that is the generator of all things in our lives and with that self-love, we can shower each other in sisterhood, with that love.  

In the book Love Without Conditions, author Paul Ferrini reminds us that “Your attempt to find love outside yourself always fails because you cannot receive from another something you haven’t given to yourself. When you withhold love from yourself, you attract others into your life who are doing the same thing.”

Your attempt to find love outside yourself always fails because you cannot receive from another something you haven’t given yourself.
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Paul Ferrini

Reading this reminder and going through my journey towards self-love reinforces the idea that we have to start loving ourselves with reckless abandonment. 

Putting love for yourself ahead of everything else fills the supply and creates room for an overflow of love and connection in our lives. 

I believe that healing that hollow place in our hearts will solve most of the world’s problems, as we will all begin to give advantages that we felt were once taken.

What does healing look like for you?

Dig deep before you answer this question.

Look at all of the ways you have withheld love and nurture from others for fear of it being taken.

Sit with your heart in your hands.

Take a good look at it and be truthful about its condition. Is it wounded, battered, and fragmented? Are there holes where fear and unforgiveness have entered in the place of faith and healing?

The sooner we hold our own heart in our hands, the sooner we can begin to heal. 

Sometimes the healing is merely holding your heart and speaking words of affection and compassion. Other times the healing is releasing people that are trapped in our webs of unforgiveness. And most times, it’s the sweet savor of friendliness and warmth that taking ownership of our heart can give.

I’m asking that, as we gather at the table, we own our hearts so that we can own our healing. 

I’m asking us to bring our truth to the forefront and step into the seat of honesty and vulnerability. I know if we do this, we lend ourselves to a world of healing in a beautifully crafted quilt of love.

Question for the table:

What does healing look like for you?

How did it shape your life?  SHARE your truth in the comments below.

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