Life Lessons with Gammy Pt 2

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By RTT Family

Our Summer Healing Sessions have proven to us that our world is in desperate need for healing. Each week, women and men around the world are gathering at the Red Table to journey towards love without conditions and healing in their hearts.  

We are so honored to have the wisdom of Gammy at the table. Gammy gives that good motherly insight that we all need to receive in our lives. We asked Gammy four key questions that have come to the table from sisters and brothers such as yourself, with hopes that you’ll unlock something fresh to help move you through your journey. 

Here’s part 2 of what Gammy had to share with us:

RTT Family: Gammy, we’ve discussed self-actualization a lot in the Summer Healing Sessions. Many of our RTT family struggle with the offenses of others who have harmed them in life. Consequently, negative thoughts and low self-esteem have compromised their sense of hope. What have you learned about negative thinking that you can share with the table?

Gammy: I recently had a revelation that was really important for me. I never realized how much negative thinking I had about myself. I was constantly putting myself down by denying my own capabilities and more importantly possibilities. Almost like I wait to get the “you can do it” push of encouragement from other people. That’s always nice to have but its no one else’s responsibility. I have to stop limiting myself. Get rid of all those niggling voices in my head telling me “you can’t do that,” “nobody wants to hear what you have to say,” “you don’t have an opinion” Basically you’re not important. I always blamed that feeling on other people. The lesson for me was that I was the biggest offender.


Gammy’s revelation reminds us all to be self-aware in our relationships. To be sober in our thinking is self-love. To be vigilant over our minds and our thoughts is the consideration we need to generate more positivity in our being. We are worthy of the love we’d like to receive, but we must give it first to ourselves and then to others.

As Paul Ferrini states, “You, my friend, are the hero of your own dream. You are the dreamer of the darkness and the one who brings the light. You are tempter and savior rolled in one. This you will come to know if you do not know it already.”

Let’s take this moment as an opportunity to introduce light into the dark places where negative thoughts tend to hide. And, let’s be the hero of our dreams.


What is one lesson you’ve learned through our Summer Healing Sessions? SHARE your truth in the comments below.

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