What is Gaslighting? Could It Be Happening to You?

You may be a victim of gaslighting and not even know it! We’ve all heard the term, now Red Table Talk brings you the essential guide to gaslighting. “The Crown” actress Rebecca Humphries reveals the devastating damage caused by years of being gaslighted and how her boyfriend’s very public affair was the wakeup call she didn’t realize she needed. Then, psychologist Dr. Ramani breaks down everything you need to know to become gaslight-proof.

Parental Alienation: When Your Child is Turned Against You

Music legend Teddy Riley’s Instagram post revealing he has not seen his son in three years was seen by millions. Now for the first time, he’s at the Table sharing the heartbreaking ordeal that he and more than 22 million other families are experiencing. Also, meet the daughter who was put in the middle of her parents’ war and hear from her parents who put her there. For ten years, she didn’t speak to her father, then cut ties with her mother for eight years. Now, they’re all coming together at the Table with an important message.

How Not to Be Scammed

Right now, someone is trying to steal your money, your identity, your passwords. Red Table Talk is sharing critical information to protect yourself, your family and your money. Business mogul Barbara Corcoran reveals how she went from Shark to victim; a young woman and her father share their heartbreaking story of losing everything because they trusted the wrong person; and a Marine explains how scammers are ruining his life just by using his pictures. Plus, a top fraud expert breaks down the biggest scams for each generation.

Extreme Violence: Inside the Minds of People Who Hate

With one hate crime committed every hour and multiple mass shootings happening every day in the US, Red Table Talk gathers a special group of leading voices to reveal the roots of hatred and extreme violence. Jeff Schoep, a reformed leader of the biggest neo-Nazi group in America, reveals what made him leave 27 years of carnage behind. Award-winning filmmaker Deeyah Khan shares what she learned sitting face-to-face with the most violent extremists in the world. Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, a top anti-racism researcher explains the shocking age when hate can begin. Dr. Jillian Peterson, who led the largest study of mass shooters, takes us inside the minds of killers with eye-opening facts about what they all have in common. NFL player Zach Banner shares how he became an ally after a vicious hate crime ravaged the city where he played.

Queen Latifah is on a Mission!

Superstar Queen Latifah joins the Table to reveal a personal struggle that’s taken her a long time to understand and shares her important new mission. It’s a side of Queen you’ve never seen! Plus, she offers her one-of-a-kind wisdom to a special group of fans.

Alopecia: The Devastating Impact

The mother of 12-year-old Rio Allred, who suffered from Alopecia and took her own life after being relentlessly mocked and bullied, opens up about her daughter’s heart-crushing death. A woman who worked in the hair industry for more than a decade reveals her emotional Alopecia journey and why it’s more than “just hair.” A top hair surgeon breaks down the different types of Alopecia. A former NBA player speaks out about his hidden pain.

How Mothers Damage Their Daughters: Could This Be You?

Did you know there are THREE CRITICAL NEEDS every daughter requires from her mother? If they aren’t met, the effects can be devastating. “Mother Hunger” author and trauma psychotherapist Kelly McDaniel joins the table as Jada, Gammy and Willow open up about how their mothers affected them. Entertainment reporter Tanika Ray discovers how her destructive behaviors are linked to a strained relationship. A 25-year-old woman is anxious about passing along unresolved trauma to her children. A motherless mother shares how devastating losses have affected her own parenting. Don’t miss this unforgettable RTT full of life-changing wisdom!

Fentanyl: An Urgent Warning for All

For the first time, actor Michael K. Williams’ nephew speaks out about losing his beloved uncle to fentanyl. Comic Kate Quigley reveals how she was the lone survivor of a fentanyl poisoning that killed three of her friends including comedian Fuquan Johnson. The grief-stricken parents of a 15-year-old girl share the tragic tale of their daughter who died after taking a counterfeit Percocet. It’s a life-saving Red Table every family must watch

Tinder Swindler and Anna Delvey Victims: What You Haven’t Heard

“Tinder Swindler” victim Ayleen Charlotte speaks out for the first time since the record-breaking documentary, revealing shocking new details about the notorious conman and how she was swindled out of her life savings. In another first, Rachel Williams – victim of “the fake German heiress” Anna Delvey discloses her trauma, including death threats and the fallout after a vacation from hell. Don’t miss this exclusive conversation.

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