The Dangers of Divorcing a Narcissist with Demetria Graves

Top divorce attorney Demetria Graves reveals her pre-divorce checklist, the biggest mistakes people make in the process and breaks down the harsh realities of going toe-to-toe with a narcissist in court.

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Guest Bio:

Certified Family Law Specialist, Demetria Graves, opened her own Family Law practice, The Graves Law Firm. She is considered a leading Family Law attorney and has received many accolades for her dedication to the field of family law as well as to the community. Ms. Graves hosts a podcast, “Legally Uncensored with Attorney Demetria L. Graves,” addressing family law-related topics. In addition, Ms. Graves wrote and released a book in 2021 titled, “When Women Run the Firm: How to successfully launch and manage your law practice with confidence.” 

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Helpful Resources:

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