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We ALL have moments when pursuing the things we want most feels hard, not fun, not worth it, and all the other things we tell ourselves when we feel resistance. Resistance is also the thing that keeps us from getting what we want – if we let it.

Now, I’m not going to tell you to get over it and keep moving forward. That’s not helpful, is it? Know what is? Ongoing support and a place to feel all the things you need to feel so you CAN move forward.

Ever wish you had a box of answers and encouragement to access whenever you need it? Well now you do!

In this online toolbox, you’ll have access to support, encouragement, and exercises to help you through those challenging moments. This is the place to be when you get off track, feel discouraged, or just need a kind reminder of why you started in the first place.

You have the opportunity to change your experience and I want you to feel all the joy, freedom, love, pride, and accomplishment that comes with pursuing our dreams. You certainly deserve it. So let’s make it happen!

Introducing the Emotional Emergency Kit

Let’s get started:

Whenever you feel stuck, discouraged, or just plain unmotivated, choose the prompt that best describes how you’re feeling for a message or exercise to help you stay on course and moving forward.

Some are brief and some include a little investment of time on your part. Do your best to be open to the experience and notice what you uncover about yourself. Then apply what you learn to help you stay on track or hop back on if/when you notice you’ve dropped off.

If you only remember one thing, remember this:

If you do happen to find yourself losing focus or consistency, no beating yourself up for not sticking with it. Got it? Instead, use it as an opportunity to ask yourself what’s really holding you back and then ask what the best that can happen if you take the next step. (Even the smallest steps forward count!)

Ready to dive in? Here we go!

Emotional Emergency Kit


Our Featured Expert

Gina Gomez is a Business Strategist and Advisor working with some of the most well-known and well-respected professionals in the entertainment and personal development industries.

Gina has a certificate in Diversity & Inclusion from Cornell University and has been published in Forbes where she is also a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Due to the emerging needs arising in the marketplace, Gina has become a prominent voice in the field of Diversity & Inclusion and built a reputation as a go-to facilitator teaching others how to overcome fear, how to have hard conversations, and how to overcome challenges and limiting beliefs. She has also worked with Fortune 500 CEOs and corporate executives, small business owners, artists, and probably at least one person who’s a lot like you.

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