In August, our RTT community took one bold step to generate a wave of self-love and gratitude around the world. For four weeks we spent quality time studying empowering content, listening to inspiring podcasts and soul-stirring music all while tackling deep-rooted issues and lifting our collective spirits. Our Summer Healing Sessions became an international movement! We received numerous messages from sisters and brothers around the world who received the message of freedom in their souls. So many life changes were made and lives were revitalized because of what we did…TOGETHER!

When one of us heals, WE ALL HEAL.

In case you missed, here’s what learned at the Table:

Woman viewing a sunset and waving a scarf with a Cityscape in the Background

Week One:

Theme: You Matter

Quote of the Week: In the book “Love Without Conditions,” author Paul Ferrini reminds us that “Learning to give love to the wounded person within begins to reverse your belief that your self-worth must be based on how others respond to you.”

Lesson Highlights: You are unstoppable as a lover. When you give love and devote your intentions towards love, you cause the saboteurs in your life to surrender to the grace that comes with being a lover.

Week Two: 

Theme: Being Thankful

Quote of the Week: In the book “Love Without Conditions,” author Paul Ferrini reminds us that “Gratitude stems from worthiness and supports the experience of abundance.”

Lesson Highlights: Paul Ferrini calls the circle of grace the place where you bring love for yourself and love for another. When you create oneness with God through love and self-acceptance, you invite others into the circle of grace. Remember that, through this journey, you have entered that circle and you can now fill your world with gratitude because things are getting better!

Week Three: 

Theme: I am the Treasure

Quote of the Week: In the book “Love Without Conditions,” author Paul Ferrini reminds us that “When you have seen yourself as you really are, you know that love cannot be taken away from you. Love belongs to you eternally…formless but everpresent, unconditional yet responding easily to the conditions at hand.”

Lesson Highlights: In this circle of grace, we GET to heighten our expectations and live our lives to the fullest. We remain full as we live in love for ourselves. And, we experience abundance when we abide in this spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional space.

Week Four: 

Theme: Small Steps Towards Freedom

Quote of the Week: In the book “Love Without Conditions,” author Paul Ferrini reminds us that “Human beings cannot be free of conditional reality, because conditional reality is a creation of human consciousness. Stop trying to escape your own creations. Simply accept them, as the tree accepts the wind.”

Lesson Highlights: You are as strong as a tree pressed against the wind. When we remain open to the opportunities of the present, we can put the past behind us. In this very moment, we are FREE. Free to love and to be loved. And that is what this journey is all about.

To top things off we enjoyed weekly audio “Reflections from the Table” by Jada, weekly custom Summer Healing wallpaper by Monica Ahanonu, and weekly Life Lessons from Gammy. You could feel the wave of fresh energy and great expectations each week as thousands of members from our RTT family vibrated higher.

There’s so much we can do together, but it starts with each of us embracing our power to heal. Thank you for showing up and committing to the work. Thank you for challenging your boundaries and setting your sights on a higher way of living. Thank you for taking your seat at the table.

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