Lesson 3: Core #3 – Who Will Impact You?

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Connect On Purpose

Yolo Akili reminds us that, “Oppression thrives off isolation. Connection is the only thing that can save you.” No one can do it alone. To live OnPurpose, we NEED connection with others for support, encouragement, and perspectives that are different than our own. Conscious connections with people who support our purpose are our most precious resources when we’re committed to learning and growing together.



Jim Rohn famously said “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” We are significantly influenced by those closest to us. It is critical to bring people into your life who are invested in supporting you in becoming your best self. There should be enough love in these relationships to transcend superficiality so you can share hard truths with each other.


It’s said that people come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Examining the purpose of your relationships can help you be intentional about managing expectations and avoiding disappointment that comes with trying to force relationships beyond their purpose. Take a quick inventory and figure out where your most significant relationships fall along this spectrum.


Jessica Hagy suggests that to live purposeful lives we need at least six types of people in our corner, the: (1) instigator, (2) cheerleader, (3) doubter, (4) example, (5) connector, and (6) taskmaster. Take a look at the people you have in your corner – do you have people in your life that play each of these roles? Is there an area you need to fill? Who do you need to bring into your life to realize your purpose?


“The power of celebration is learning; to learn, you have to reflect in order to get perspective on what you’ve accomplished.”
Jovian Zayne

Uplifting the people in your life and accepting their support and celebration of your accomplishments, is an important part of edifying relationships that keep you grounded, centered and moving towards your purpose.

Reflection Questions

  1. Who can hold you accountable to making your desired impact?
  2. What mentors, sponsors, friends, etc. do you need to support your efforts? (virtual or in person)


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Our Featured Expert

Jovian Zayne is a leadership and professional development coach, public speaker and author with a decade of experience in change management, global leadership development and organizational transition planning and design. She is the founder of the OnPurpose Movement, the International Day of Purpose™ and Jovian Zayne, LLC, a firm committed to helping organizations and individuals “Live OnPurpose.”

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